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Discover Our UniqueNext Generation Trading Platform​

Fully packed with the industry’s leading analytical​ trading tools, our ground-breaking technology is​ designed to improve your trading skills and expertise​

  • CFDs and FX <br />
under 1 account
    Bank-level security
  • Immediate real-time <br />
    Immediate real-time
  • Customized charts <br />
and live data
    Customized charts
    and live data
  • Desktop, mobile and <br />
tablet compatibility
    Desktop, mobile and
    tablet compatibility
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Our cutting edge technology
enables you to enter your
trades with only a single click
of a button.


We use state-of-the-art
security measures to protect
your funds and personal
information at all times.


Our dedicated team of
support experts is ready to
assist you with every need or
request you​ may have.
<span>our</span>Multi-Device Platform​

ourMulti-Device Platform​

Our user-friendly innovative
platform is available on all
devices: desktop, smartphone
and tablet.
<span>our</span>Execution Control​

ourExecution Control​

You control exactly when and
how your trades are executed.
Allowing you to place a trade
almost instantly.

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How to win the challenge

Contest participation is absolutely free for all cointeck traders. Once your trading account has been funded, you immediately qualify for automatic entrance. The trader with the highest contest score wins. The contest score is compiled from the total amount of your closed trades multiplied by your account type weight.

Therefore, the more you’ll trade - the greater your winning chances are!

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